Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

May 2011 bring you happiness, joy and health!

Try not to buy more than you can paint... I keep saying this to myself but I just can't do it
Just bought myself a box of French hussars (plastic perrys), French Line infantry (Perry) and French line infantry (1807-1812 Victrix).
Add to these two plastic batallions of infantry half painted and you can see for yourself that I am clearly buying more than I can paint...

Hopefully this year I will finish my French and resist the urge to get some Foundry russians....

Happy 2011 people!
All the best!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

well a blog about miniature wargaming without pictures is not a blog!
So I believe that the time for pictures has come!

Quick note: units are based liberally (especially artillery and commanders) but I have tried to use the base sizes used in the General De Brigade rule system. One day I would like to give it a try.

For the time in our small yet loyal Napoleonic group we are using "Black Powder" by Warlord games. 

Now, time for some pictures...

First of all I give you:
General de Division Achille Talon! All minis are Perrys. The base is from GW's custom movement tray.
He is still WIP... I still have to paint 4 more figures

Let us proceed now to General de Brigade Alexandre ChargeBeaucoup!
And now, to the troops!
The first brigade of line infantry. I am still contemplating if I should give them a fanion (and chop off the eagle) or a flag...
Again, these are plastic Perry minis. 
Next the first 6 pounder gun (Perry metal, GW chariot base)... 3 more to follow in the near future :)
and finally the beginning of the second brigade of the Old Guard (Yes, I know the drummer is not done yet...)
At the moment I am working on another line regiment in greatcoats in mixed charging poses (metal figures by Perry). Once those are done I should be able to finish my first legere unit (half painted now, plastic Perry)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

first post

Well first post in this blog and hopefully the begining of many....

As it is quite cold outside (at least for Tokyo standards) and I have just finished writing my master thesis, I realised that I should start a blog!

So let me introduce myself by saying that I have been painting minis since the age of 12...
Over the years, I spent more money and time than I can remember on these small things. Not that I regret it ofcourse :D

Like most wargamers, I started playing and collecting minis with Warhammer fantasy!

I suppose I should explain here that although I had an interest in Napoleonics for longer then I can remember the cost of a 28mm army was impossible to bear... Plus the available rulesets for many years where not that friendly to young people used to coloured rulebooks with amazing eye-candy (GW rulebooks anyone?)

However, with the release of the beautiful plastics by Victrix and Perry and the "Black Powder" rules, the dream of having a 28mm Napoleonic army, finally became a reality!

Hopefully in the days, months and years to come I will be able to show you my collection as it gradually grows...

My main focus will be the armies of Napoleon after 1810. I am not going after a particular period but I suppose the Russian campaign would be my focus... One day someone will make plastic Russians and then....