Sunday, 20 February 2011

Brunswick command stand

It has been quite some time since my last post and quite a few things have happened since.

The most important one was the completion of my Master thesis here in Japan and my decision to continue my studies with a Phd. The problem is that last Friday I had the entrance exam and I can't say that I feel very positive about that.. Hopefully it should be ok, and I will be able to stay in Japan for the next 3 years. However, in case the results are not good, the Japanese government will stop funding me, and I will have to go home. So lets hope things work out!

The results are due this Friday, 25th February....

On the hobby side of my life things have been progressing rather well. Since I finished my master thesis I was able to spend a couple of hours daily on my minis so in the coming days expect to see a number of posts. For the time being I give you a command stand for my Brunswickers. Its an hussar officer with a brigade commander. I am not quite sure I got the colours correct though. I had a rough time researching the officer uniforms and I had to rely heavily on the illustrations of Alexis at his "cent jours" site:  Les unifores pendant les cent-jours

I hope you like it. Comments and critique are, as always, welcome!


  1. Hi Achilles,
    Excellent as usually!
    You are wasted doing 28mm!!
    Just image what you could do with 15mm AB naps!! ;-)
    Do some 15mm Naps, go on you know you want to!

  2. What colour did you use on the Hussars horse? It works very well Achilles.
    Good luck with staying in Japan.

  3. Excellent work on the Brunswickers! Black on black on black is a very daunting painting prospect, and you have done it very well!

    Good luck with the PhD.

  4. Fantastic, Achilles! The painting is brilliant. And I am very glad you are doing 28mm ;).

    By the way, I showed the miniature to a fellow Brunswick player and he loved them too. He was a bit confused though about the blue vest because he thought it should have been black. Could you let me know where you have that from, so I can let him know?

  5. I really like them. Your black highlighting is excellent, but what really stands out to me are your warm flesh tones. Maybe the black helps bring it out, but the skin here looks very natural.

  6. Thank you guys for your kind comments! I am really glad you like them!
    @Paul: hahaha nice comments! I am sure though that you should be the one doing 28mm not me doing 15mm ... although AB makes some really great looking minis...
    The brown on the hussar was achieved by a first layer of Games Workshop Bestial Brown and then by adding a number of layers of Bestial Brown and Snakebite leather. Finally a layer of pure Snakebite leather was added. In total I must have added 3-4 layers on that horse.. I hope this helps :)

    @Doc Phobos: actually I got the blue vest from the following site
    He is supposed to be a "Brigadekommandeur" I suppose this means a brigade commander? My Deutch is not that good...
    I hope I didn't get the colours wrong...

  7. Nice work, Achilleas, and the allies definitely need an extra command stand.

    Fingers crossed on your exam- It will be a black day for us if you have to go back, and that has nothing to do with the Brunswickers!

  8. Hi Achilles,
    I am glad you got the joke, lol!

    I love doing my wee AB 15mm Naps but at the rate all the 28mm plastic is coming out I think I will be joining you guys in the coming years. If late Russians start getting released in plastic then it will be soon!

    Thanks for the tip on the brown. I have been down that road before with 3 or 4 shades on a horse (plus socks etc). I want to simplify my horse colours and get them a little brighter and the bestial brown and snakebite leather is definitely 1 I will be trying.