Tuesday, 21 June 2011

12th Cuirassiers

Well I wanted to post some pics of this unit for a long time now but I couldnt get a single sunny day that I could use to my advantage!
Eventually the sun showed his face today in Tokyo and I was able to take some pics of the 12th cuirassiers!

I have painted these some months ago and although I want to raise the size of this unit to 12 figures I decided that I couldnt wait any more.

All figures are metal Perry, bases are renendra (two bases glued on top of each other - the figs are quite heavy) and the flag is GMB.

Hope you like them!


  1. Yes, very good. And though they wear pink, I won't say anything funny about them ;P

  2. Nice figures and nice bases as well.

  3. thank you guys! hopefully one day I will paint the second rank as well!

  4. fantastic looking unit. Would be great to see the second rank somewhere in the future