Friday, 2 September 2011

Update time!

After a long relaxing summer in Greece I am back in Tokyo and while waiting for typhoon no12 to pass (thank God its not passing through Tokyo) I finally got time to finish my first Prussian unit!

I present to you the West Prussian Grenadiers! 

As soon as I saw these perry Prussians something stirred inside me and I just knew that I had to paint some!
 Hopefully I will remain motivated and paint 3 more battalions so I can field a small brigade...

Figures are all Plastic Perry. Flag is GMB designs.

Hope you like them!


  1. You beat me to it! I've just finished a box of these figures and you've really done them justice. I particularly like the way you've handled the highlighting on the trousers, which is what I found the trickiest bit, and the shako covers. But excellent painting all round! Very much hoping you manage to stay the course for the whole brigade! Lovely work.

    Best wishes


  2. Really nice paint job and impressive looking unit overall.

  3. Great work! Very clean painted; basing is great too. Best, Dean

  4. おかえりなさい!

    Great work, but we've come to expect nothing less from your brush!

    I just got back to Tokyo myself from a few days' business in Osaka, where the typhoon was pretty much right over us. Fortunately the trains were still running!

  5. @Giles: thank you very much for the kind comments. Looking forward to seeing your Prussians. Which battalion did you paint?

    @Sgt Steiner, Rodger, DeanM: Thank you!

    @Robert: ただいま!Glad to know that you survived the typhoon. Hopefully we will get some sunny weather now that the typhoon is gone...

  6. I just found (or rather re-found) your blog from Robert's link. Beautiful painting. I notice you edge the packs in white which I haven't seen before but which gives a very nice result. The highlighting of the clothing is beautifully done.