Thursday, 30 June 2011

First (and hopefuly last) finished British Foot battalion

Well it is done!
My first and hopefully last ( since I can not afford or bear yet another painting project) unit of speed-painted British is complete.

Overall I have to say that the army painter dip is a great product and it works wonders when you start with a light undercoat and limit yourself to a single or no-highlights.

figures are plastic perry and the flags are those that come with the box. I just gave them a coat of mat varnish since I could not stand the glossy paper

Hope you like them!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Something not so French...

Well I thought the day would never come but it has...

yes my dear friends, I have decided to paint my first british infantry unit. Although I never planned to paint any British, I had this box of Perry british in my "to be painted" list and since I was beginning to feel a bit tired after all those blue coats I decided to paint them

Instead of going for my usual 3 layer painting technique however, I decided to try my luck at "dipping" them since I wanted to speed paint them.

The results were quite good and I have to say that the army painter dip works really well with warm colours  like red and brown so it worked well for peninsular British. Perhaps it would look good for Russians or Austrians too but certainly not for the French and Prussians!

To make things easier for me I didnt glue the heads and back packs since I wanted to undercoat them black:

heads are stuck with blu-tack
The main bodies were spray coated white:

 After blocking the main colours I just dipped the figures and when the dip was dry I gave them a coat of matt varnish (applied with a brush).

The results as you can see are quite good! It took me about two hours to paint and dip 6 figures!
I highly suggest this method to busy people who dont really have a lot of time to paint (thats you Rodney!)

almost there...only the flank companies left...

Hope you like them!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

12th Cuirassiers

Well I wanted to post some pics of this unit for a long time now but I couldnt get a single sunny day that I could use to my advantage!
Eventually the sun showed his face today in Tokyo and I was able to take some pics of the 12th cuirassiers!

I have painted these some months ago and although I want to raise the size of this unit to 12 figures I decided that I couldnt wait any more.

All figures are metal Perry, bases are renendra (two bases glued on top of each other - the figs are quite heavy) and the flag is GMB.

Hope you like them!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday 12 June

Some pics from our last Sunday game. I apologize for the bad quality but most of these pics were taken with my mobile phone...
The French deploy

The French army gazes the distant tower that would form the center of the fighting.

as you can see the cavalry has gone really far... 

The thin red line... clearly outnumbered :)
The French advance..

The two armies meet while Robert tries to take some pics  - Note the lonely French Hussars next to the tower (6th regiment). They drove away the british riflemen only to be blown to pieces from massed British musketry

The British light dragoons - another beautifully painted unit by Matt - their presence on our side proved the most annoying thing during our game...

on the north side of the tower the Brunswickers fight side by side with the Russians (we use everything we have in our games) against the French!
Meanwhile the French 28th Legere advance too far and get enfiladed by a russian gun...
The 46th decides that its time of glory has finally come and charge against the hated british

...and after two rounds of combat Matt promptly removes his unit :)
The 57th defies the british gun and lives to tell the tale

disordered markers by Rodney! Great work mate!

my small cuirassier unit... still need to paint 6 more

Matt's light dragoons

and some of his infantry

Friday, 3 June 2011

Small Update

Some voltiguer stands I completed lately plus some plastic Hussars from the Perrys painted as the 6th hussars (1812 campaign)

Hope you like them :)