Sunday, 11 September 2011

13th Legere - 1st Battalion

After many months in a semi-complete stage I finally finished the 1st Battalion of the 13th Legere. Hopefully in the next months I should be able to paint the 3rd Battalion as well and complete the 13th Legere...

Figures as always are Perry and the Flag is GMB.
Hope you like them!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Update time!

After a long relaxing summer in Greece I am back in Tokyo and while waiting for typhoon no12 to pass (thank God its not passing through Tokyo) I finally got time to finish my first Prussian unit!

I present to you the West Prussian Grenadiers! 

As soon as I saw these perry Prussians something stirred inside me and I just knew that I had to paint some!
 Hopefully I will remain motivated and paint 3 more battalions so I can field a small brigade...

Figures are all Plastic Perry. Flag is GMB designs.

Hope you like them!