Wednesday, 4 January 2012

An update at last!

Well, first of all a Happy New Year to all of my fellow hobbyists out there! May 2012 bring you happiness, health and joy and may you conquer the lead mountain ! I am sure that the last part is near impossible for most of us especially if we consider the speed that many companies release new figures ( I am thinking of the imminent release of the Russian Perry's).

The past few months have been filled with big changes in my life. First of all I decided to leave Japan and to move back to my native Greece. Despite the crisis home is always home and being back to Athens after three and a half years feels quite well.

Hobby wise unfortunately I am no longer able to enjoy gaming with the West Tokyo Wargamers. On the other hand however, I have finally the available space to showcase my Napoleonic collection!

On the painting table unfortunately I have lost my edge. These prussians and nassauers have been sitting on my desk for more than 3 months and from the speed I have been painting lately I cant see those two battalions getting completed anytime soon...

Lets hope 2012 will give me the discipline to paint these two battalions ....