Wednesday, 4 January 2012

An update at last!

Well, first of all a Happy New Year to all of my fellow hobbyists out there! May 2012 bring you happiness, health and joy and may you conquer the lead mountain ! I am sure that the last part is near impossible for most of us especially if we consider the speed that many companies release new figures ( I am thinking of the imminent release of the Russian Perry's).

The past few months have been filled with big changes in my life. First of all I decided to leave Japan and to move back to my native Greece. Despite the crisis home is always home and being back to Athens after three and a half years feels quite well.

Hobby wise unfortunately I am no longer able to enjoy gaming with the West Tokyo Wargamers. On the other hand however, I have finally the available space to showcase my Napoleonic collection!

On the painting table unfortunately I have lost my edge. These prussians and nassauers have been sitting on my desk for more than 3 months and from the speed I have been painting lately I cant see those two battalions getting completed anytime soon...

Lets hope 2012 will give me the discipline to paint these two battalions ....


  1. Those Nassauers look great, Achilles- Athens' gain is West Tokyo's loss!

    Get painting and gaming soon, comrade!

  2. What a great collection and good luck with being back home!


  3. Awesome Napoleonic collection. Hope you feel more like painting soon.

  4. Beautiful work! Painting & basing are first-class. Best, Dean

  5. That is a pretty stunning collection, Achilles. Hope you refind your painting mojo soon.

    Best wishes


  6. Very Nice!
    You're missed by all at West Tokyo Wargamers.

  7. thank you guys for your kind comments! especially my old fellow club members!

    Lets hope I get enough motivation to finish these guys because I want to paint as much as possible before the new Perry Russians are released!

  8. amazing! how long did you paint for this stunning army? my painting speed is slower than slow, it's the dream of mine to have some day such a really huge army! congratulation! and keep a stiff upper lip in your country. ;-)