Friday, 2 May 2014

Its been a loooong time

Its been almost 2 years since the last time I updated this blog. The truth is that ever since I moved back to Greece life changed completely.

Mind you, I never stopped painting but the main focus of the local gaming clubs was -and still is- fantasy wargaming. Therefore my precious napoleonics got a prominent position in my glass cabinet and I took my fantasy armies to the field.

I never forgot though the great times I had with the West Tokyo Wargamers and for this reason I always hoped that one day I would find people in Athens that would want to game Napoleonics in 28mm.

Eventually I saw some wonderful looking Scots on the Steve Dean forums painted by a fellow Greek.  The good news is that this guy (Andreas is his name) is located here in Athens and regularly meets and games with some friends in my local gaming club!

The moment I have been waiting for has come and after meeting with Andreas in the local club we agreed that we should arrange an introductory game of Black Powder at some point in April or May.

This means that my 7 battalions of French and my 6 Battalions of Prussians will take the field in the near future!
Obviously this had a great effect on my painting mojo and I have resumed painting in earnest! Rest assured that I will be updating this space soon! Another French battalion is about to arrive ready for inspection!

In the meantime here is sometihng completely irrelevant to Napoleonics...

An Athenian Hoplite by Victrix.

When I saw the "new" Ancient Greek by Victrix I was so excited that I immediately bought a box of them just for collecting purposes. I now realise that I like the sculpts so much that I might end up painting an army of them.... oh dear....

 Anyway I hope you like it.. My next update will probably be much richer! 
Watch this space as I will be updating it very soon!


  1. Welcome back, very nice paint job on the hoplite.

  2. Great to have you back and pretty good painting on the Greek fellow. Have fun with the BP game, those are great rules indeed, and please do post a AAR here!

    Cheers Sander

  3. A welcome return post! Great to hear you meeting and gaming with a fellow Napoleonic enthusiast - with my choice of rules, Black Powder, too. Also, a fine Greek - like a 54mm model. I may have to pick up a box of these - just to paint up if nothing else. Nice post!

  4. Welcome back! Photos of the Black Powder game would be great, if you get the chance!!