Tuesday 18 August 2015

I am alive part 2

And as I promised, here is the big update that I have been talking about:
My Prussians are based on the Großgörschen OoB from the General de Brigade scenario booklet. 
Basically a battle where Napoleon trapped his pursuing enemies by setting up a trap and once he had the enemy in place he flanked them with the Imperial Guard.
Napoleon won the field but his lack of cavalry meant that he couldn't capitalise on it. Blame the Russian winter for the lack of horses...
Now, let me show you what I have been up to ...
Some of you might remember my 24 strong West Prussian Grenadiers that I painted quite a few years ago ( West Prussian Grenadiers ).
Well, here is the rest of the Brigade:

1st Battalion of the 2nd West Prussian Musketeers
another view

2nd Battalion of the 2nd West Prussian Musketeers
2nd West Prussian Fusiliers
another view
and another...
and yet another...

Supporting battery - Three 6lb guns and one 7lb howitzer

"Learning French might have been easier"

and finally a group shot of the infantry. Please note that the battery and the grenadiers are not shown for practical reasons. I had no space to fit them inside the same picture...

As always all figures are 28mm Perry based in Renendra and Litko bases. Flags are by GMB. Flock and turfs are from Woodland scenics and the Army Painter.

Hope you like them!

Next in line are 32 Silesian Fusiliers and two battalions of Silesian Musketeers...


Monday 17 August 2015

I am still alive!

and this time I am painting Prussians!

It has been a long time since I posted anything so let me say that I am glad to be back again!

2014 was a busy year for me both work wise and life wise. I finally decided to take a big step and move in with my girlfriend so my hobby time and space have been greatly reduced!
That doesn't mean that I didn't paint though! Over the course of the past year I concentrated mainly on my Prussians and painted four battalions of musketeers and 1 battalion of fusiliers plus a 4 gun battery. All of them by the Perry twins.

However, although I did manage to paint the above things I never had the time to actually photograph and post them. Hence the lack of posts...

This however will change! Beginning from today I will slowly start updating this space with photos of my Prussians!

For today let me show you my 1st West Prussian Fusiliers. Although I painted 4 bases of them my camera's battery died on me last night so I only managed to photograph 1 of them...

Figures (as always) are Perry and are based 5 per base. Each base however has the dimensions for 8 figures. I did this purely for aesthetic reasons. 8 skirmishing figures would look too crowded so I deliberately chose 5.
Hopefully tonight I will get enough time to photograph the rest of the battalion!
On a side note let me show you my current WIP and my latest acquisition!

Those black figures over there are 32 Silesian Fusiliers waiting to be painted.... The thing they are sitting in is a spray booth and that little jar next to them is where my faithful airbrush is resting!

Basically a year ago (so not so recently) I bought an Iwata airbrush mainly for painting my fantasy figures but quickly I started realising that I could easily use it to mass basecoat my Napoleonics.

In this case I simply undercoated all 32 of them in a very dark grey that will basically form the basis for the black and grey colours on this battalion. If I had to do this by brush I would have easily spent more than 1 hour. With the airbrush it only took me 7-10 minutes.

Imagine how much faster I will be able to paint greatcoated infantry!

So hopefully tonight I will be able to post the rest of my battalion!

I hope you like them!


Friday 2 May 2014

Its been a loooong time

Its been almost 2 years since the last time I updated this blog. The truth is that ever since I moved back to Greece life changed completely.

Mind you, I never stopped painting but the main focus of the local gaming clubs was -and still is- fantasy wargaming. Therefore my precious napoleonics got a prominent position in my glass cabinet and I took my fantasy armies to the field.

I never forgot though the great times I had with the West Tokyo Wargamers and for this reason I always hoped that one day I would find people in Athens that would want to game Napoleonics in 28mm.

Eventually I saw some wonderful looking Scots on the Steve Dean forums painted by a fellow Greek.  The good news is that this guy (Andreas is his name) is located here in Athens and regularly meets and games with some friends in my local gaming club!

The moment I have been waiting for has come and after meeting with Andreas in the local club we agreed that we should arrange an introductory game of Black Powder at some point in April or May.

This means that my 7 battalions of French and my 6 Battalions of Prussians will take the field in the near future!
Obviously this had a great effect on my painting mojo and I have resumed painting in earnest! Rest assured that I will be updating this space soon! Another French battalion is about to arrive ready for inspection!

In the meantime here is sometihng completely irrelevant to Napoleonics...

An Athenian Hoplite by Victrix.

When I saw the "new" Ancient Greek by Victrix I was so excited that I immediately bought a box of them just for collecting purposes. I now realise that I like the sculpts so much that I might end up painting an army of them.... oh dear....

 Anyway I hope you like it.. My next update will probably be much richer! 
Watch this space as I will be updating it very soon!

Saturday 18 August 2012

Odessa Regiment - Half way there...

Well as you can see from the picture this battalion is still missing half of its figures (my Shevardino OoB lists the Odessa regiment as 32 figures strong) but I thought that I should share my progress with you. After all it always helps to hear some constructive criticism and comments :)

The flags are missing but I should have them in my hands some time this coming week.

Figures are Perry plastics and I can say that they are a joy to paint! I guess I am a Perry fan-boy.... 

Hope you like them!

Monday 13 August 2012

13th legere flank companies

Well its about time that I update my blog so without further ado I present to you the flank companies of the 13eme legere!

Expect another update soon . This time involving two companies of Russians... 

Figures are all Perry.

Tuesday 8 May 2012

On Russian Green

Well it has been quite some time since I updated this space so I believe an update is in order.

Although I still have not finished my Prussian brigade and I still have quite a few unpainted packs of metal French (Perry) I succumbed to the shiny new toy syndrome and bought myself a boxed set of Russian infantry from the Perrys.

As usual, the quality of this set is very high and the detailing on the models is excellent. My only complain I guess are the bayonets. Some of them are not that well cast and I need to be careful when I start cleaning the figures.

I am planning to organise my Russians around the forces that fought at the Shevardino redoubt. Therefore as a starting guide I am using the OoB from the GdB scenario book.

That means that I need to paint at least 11 battalions of 32 figures each.... wish me luck and most of all wish me patience...

I guess I will start with the Odessa regiment. After all its the first on the OoB and according to my Osprey it was also the first regiment within the Division. That means that I will need to paint them in red shoulder straps with the number 27. Easy :)

Now the real problem is getting the Green look nice on a figure of only 28mm... The purists out there will tell you that Russian Green was almost black but if I go for the right shade (that mind you no one can replicate 100%) I would end up with a black and white horde of figures.... What I am thinking of doing instead is to paint them in a dark shade of green (probably shaded with a black wash) and highlighted by mixing a cream colour to the green. Alternatively I could highlight them using a yellowish green but that would make them too fantasy like so I guess thats not an option.

So what is your opinion on the matter? Would you forgive me if I didnt paint them with a very dark green? I dont have access to the foundry paints so I guess I cant use their 3 shade green paint. I have access only to vallejo and citadel paints... 

and a picture to celebrate the beginning of my work on the ruskis :)

Sunday 12 February 2012

Work started on another French Line Battalion!

A couple of weeks ago I updated my blog trying to motivate myself to paint more.
Unfortunately it didnt work as I wanted... The only thing I managed to paint ever since, was another company of Prussians for my West Prussian Musketeers regiment so now I have two companies done. Two more to go...

On the other hand however I finally decided to start working on some more French line infantry. I went again for metal Perry figures and I chose the ones standing at attention. For some reason I think these minis really look cool.
Now I must find the discipline to paint them all...

Once I paint these guys I will allow myself the luxury of buying some more stuff (i.e. get my greedy hands on some Perry Russians)

Lets hope I paint them soon....