Tuesday 18 August 2015

I am alive part 2

And as I promised, here is the big update that I have been talking about:
My Prussians are based on the Großgörschen OoB from the General de Brigade scenario booklet. 
Basically a battle where Napoleon trapped his pursuing enemies by setting up a trap and once he had the enemy in place he flanked them with the Imperial Guard.
Napoleon won the field but his lack of cavalry meant that he couldn't capitalise on it. Blame the Russian winter for the lack of horses...
Now, let me show you what I have been up to ...
Some of you might remember my 24 strong West Prussian Grenadiers that I painted quite a few years ago ( West Prussian Grenadiers ).
Well, here is the rest of the Brigade:

1st Battalion of the 2nd West Prussian Musketeers
another view

2nd Battalion of the 2nd West Prussian Musketeers
2nd West Prussian Fusiliers
another view
and another...
and yet another...

Supporting battery - Three 6lb guns and one 7lb howitzer

"Learning French might have been easier"

and finally a group shot of the infantry. Please note that the battery and the grenadiers are not shown for practical reasons. I had no space to fit them inside the same picture...

As always all figures are 28mm Perry based in Renendra and Litko bases. Flags are by GMB. Flock and turfs are from Woodland scenics and the Army Painter.

Hope you like them!

Next in line are 32 Silesian Fusiliers and two battalions of Silesian Musketeers...



  1. These Prussians look beautiful, lovely job!

  2. My precious Prussians. I can't wait to see them join my forces and fight the Ogre
    Wonderfull news, Achillea, I will call you soon

  3. It's all good from where I'm sitting! Next up loads of yellow facings!!!

  4. Good to see your brushwork again! Very nice work, both miniatures and basing, but-

    Prussians! What would the Emperor say?!?

    No cavalry yet? What would your army be without any cavalry for you to order forward to their death? We still talk warmly and fondly about The Death Ride of your French Hussars.

    Glory days, my friend, glory days.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    @Andreas: thx Andrea! Looking forward to setting up a game! Its about time!

    @Robert: Ah Robert! The glory days of our gaming in Tokyo! You have no idea how I miss that! Do you still manage to play? I reckon that by now your collections must have grown to a very respectable size!
    As for the cavalry well you know that there is nothing that can beat the thunderous charge of a cuirassier squadron! Or hussars!
    Fear not! The glory days of cavalry are not over! Once I am done with the Silesians I will start painting a large unit of Prussian dragoons. And after that perhaps some bavarians or nassauers? Hmmm

  6. Are you still painting, Achilles? An eager readership awaits...

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