Thursday, 31 March 2011

American War of Independence

Ever since I moved to Japan my painting focus sifted from Fantasy and the American War of Independence to  Napoleonics. Of course this doesn't mean that I lost my interest in fantasy or the AWI but I am beginning to realise that a miniature collection in 28mm takes a lot of space...
In Tokyo I am keeping almost my entire collection in foam trays stored inside boxes. In Athens however I got everything in glass cabinets. With the nuclear crisis in Japan continuing I am still trying to decide if I will leave Japan for good and seek a better fortune elsewhere or stay put...

Either way, my AWI collection will have to go since it takes some valuable space that I could use for my napoleonics ;)
Before sending them off to ebay however I would like to share with you the few regiments that I painted for the British.
All figures are Perry and based for the ruleset British Grenadier. All flags are GMB.
Hope you like them ;) 

23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers 18 models

Von Bose Regiment 18 models

33rd Foot 18 models

6pounder with crew in cap-hats

Hessian Jaegers


  1. Sir,

    I take my hat off to you, that's a nice job you have done of those units. How large would you like your AWI collection to expand?


  2. Nice job on the painting, they look great, shame you've gotta sell them!!

  3. Not my period, but I can still appreciate excellent paintwork! Lovely work!

  4. thank you gentlemen! I am glad you like them! unfortunately they will have to go. Not enough space for my napoleonics ;)

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