Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sunday's game

Vive le Empereur!

...Not only because last Sunday we completely crushed the allies but also because I got accepted into the Phd program. This means that for the next three years I will be able to keep adding to my collection while at the same time continue with my research.
So good news for me and the Napoleonic scene in our club!

The game was, as always, very entertaining!
Robert has already given a very interesting report of our game on his blog Serrez les rangs so I will refrain from writing on how the game unfolded. For those who want a proper -yet entertaining- battle report they should definitely check Robert's blog! Instead, I would like to show you some photos that prove how the 57th won its nickname "Le terrible":

The French advance relentlessly
The 57th charges the 74th foot and wipes them out :)
a few turns later and after our artillery took good care of Matt's light dragoons the 57th clears the Redoubt from annoying English and Russian gunners...

and finally the 57th charges the flank of the 45th giving the perfect opportunity to the 12th cuirassiers to charge and finish them off
 ah, it feels so nice when a freshly painted unit performs so well.


  1. Excellent figures all round Achilles,
    There looks to be a real buzz around your club. It's great putting armies together when you know they will be used straight away. I see t
    you have some in progress cuirassiers. It's good to know I'm not alone in fielding figures with the horses and bases done and still finishing of the riders.
    3 more years of painting Naps in Japan, cool

  2. Beautiful painted figures and some really great photo's. Nice job!!!

  3. やった!おめでとう! Ayu and I were so glad to hear you got into the PhD program we did a little dance... It's great to hear you will be sticking around :-) I hope next time I will be able to watch more of your game, because it looked really awesome.