Sunday, 12 February 2012

Work started on another French Line Battalion!

A couple of weeks ago I updated my blog trying to motivate myself to paint more.
Unfortunately it didnt work as I wanted... The only thing I managed to paint ever since, was another company of Prussians for my West Prussian Musketeers regiment so now I have two companies done. Two more to go...

On the other hand however I finally decided to start working on some more French line infantry. I went again for metal Perry figures and I chose the ones standing at attention. For some reason I think these minis really look cool.
Now I must find the discipline to paint them all...

Once I paint these guys I will allow myself the luxury of buying some more stuff (i.e. get my greedy hands on some Perry Russians)

Lets hope I paint them soon.... 


  1. I very much like those French, lovely work!

  2. I completely understand a painting drought. I've not made much progress at all on any of my projects.

    Still, I like both the Prussians and the French, though the French are more colorful. Keep it up - they're quite the thing.

  3. Really like those French. I agree, I think those Perry figs look cool.
    Superb painting! Wish I had your talent.

  4. Great stuff, Achilles. Love the French in particular!

    Best wishes


  5. stunning french boys!!! i like especially the knapsack-painting!

  6. thank you guys for your kind comments! all these good words will help to get these French completed ;)

  7. these look absolutely marvellous!

  8. How I miss seeing your minis up front and personal, Achilles!

    Great work, as usual.

  9. A really nice work! Love your painting style!