Wednesday, 19 January 2011

46th Line

Sonnez la charge!

   It has been almost 3 weeks now that I have been working on these guys but last night I finally finished them! I am really glad to have finished them on time for the coming Sunday's game. Hopefully they will not suffer from the "newly painted unit" syndrome and do horribly like Robert's artillery in our last game...
   This battalion represents the first battalion of the 46th line. The minis are from the Perry's and I only have good things to say about them. I had a great time painting them and I think I will have problems going back to my hordes of plastic infantry that I have yet to paint...
For those of you that are wondering about the Eagle, well I am still waiting for my order from Front Rank to arrive...

Hope you like them! As always comments and criticism are more than welcome.

I am thinking to "lose" that yellow grass on the command base. What do you think?


Grenadiers - base decoration still WIP -  

At the painting table, I have another 6pounder, a small vignette with the Commander in Chief, Achille Tallon, and a unit of the 7th Cuirassiers...


  1. Really nice Achilles,
    Your colours are very vibrant. I seem to end up with dark uniforms no matter what way I paint my figures. Any tips?

  2. Very nice work, very dynamic presentation. This is something that I need to work on, your battalion really looks like they are "in action"

    Great job.


  3. Very nicely painted. They look great as a unit. Dean

  4. thank you all for your kind comments!

    @paulalba: I basically use Citadel paints with some occasional Vallejo. What do you use? Oh and I always start with a black undercoat unless I decide to paint Austrians :)

  5. Achilles,
    A great looking unit, lots of movement and variety to catch the eye. They will do credit to any games table.

  6. Achilles,
    I use a black undercoat too with far to many brands of paints, Foundry, Vallejo, Citadel, coat de arms.
    I think it maybe a scale thing? I have been painting an awful lot of Prussians and Russians. My Bavarians seem brighter.

  7. Again thx for the kind comments! it really helps to keep me motivated!

    @paulalba: I was looking at your Russian cuirassiers and I was thinking that since the scale is quite small you could use lighter colours? even though that might mean that you will not be so historically correct? I love your work by the way! if only you would do 28mm...

  8. i really like the low-porte perrys.

    Your clean painting does them great justice.

  9. Very good job ! I'm just discovering your blog and I'm yet keen on...
    All the best
    Philippe (FRANCE)