Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday's game

Alas, the "newly painted unit" syndrome showed how devastating and horrible it can be...
the 46th routing...

The 46th manoeuvred with precision and elegance only to be defeated in hand to hand combat by a British line infantry (was it the 72nd? Matt or Robert correct me). Despite the fact that I charged them, and that they were outnumbered the British held their ground for 1 turn and managed to rout my men...

Nevertheless it was a great game and we had a lot of fun. I am sure that Robert will soon post a nice battle report with all the details. The problem is that we are still learning the rules (Black Powder) and we keep making mistakes. The other minus is that our collections are quite small so we still need some time before we will be able to field large brigades or even divisions. I have a feeling that the game will reach its full potential once we will be able to field 10-15 battalions per side...

The good news is that I was able to finish my Commander in Chief, Achille Tallon, just in time for the game

Unlike the 46th this guy and his officers were able to give a very good performance. Unfortunately we didn't win but we came close to it

Achille Tallon stands firm against the british onslaught. Of course having 2 6pounder guns nearby really helps...

The man himself in action! 

I can not stress enough how great it is to actually get a game going once or twice a month. First of all its fun and second it really helps to keep me painting!
Hopefully by next months game I should have a couple of more brigades ready :)

Finally some random pics from our game. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Yip Super stuff achilles,
    Nice to see good looking Napoleonic figures in action.

  2. Very nice stuff! And your work on the command base is smashing!

  3. It was Matt's 88th that caused the 46e de ligne to turn tail and flee.

    The 74th Foot was the one that broke as soon as the Frenchies gave them a rude gesture- third time in as many games. Ghurkas they ain't!

    Newly painted model syndrome is right- my 28e legere went the same way before they found themselves "reincarnated", this time with a bit more backbone.

    Lucky that command stands can't be targeted in Black Powder, otherwise the 60th Rifles would have had a one heck of a turkey shoot. Feathers and plumage everywhere!

  4. Achilles,

    Take heart all is not lost for the 46th, it could be a sign. They have been routed in their first outing therefore they will be steadfast and never rout again! Unless of course they are fighting the British and that would be allowable, perhaps the lack of the Eagle had an adverse effect on the dice? I do hope they trounce whoever they come up against next such a well painted unit doesn’t deserve to be seen running away.