Sunday, 16 January 2011

Run up the colours !!

While finishing my current wip Napoleonic French, I remembered that almost two years ago I started collecting and painting miniatures for the Trafalgar ruleset.

Unfortunately back then no one was interested in Napoleonic naval battles so my interest in that aspect of Napoleonic warfare soon dissipated after painting a couple of minis.
The minis are by Langton miniatures and the scale is 1:1200. I highly recommend Langton minis to anyone interested in this period. I believe that they have the best miniature ships in the market!
The rigging was  difficult to get right but it really makes the models look good so its worth the extra effort!!
All of the ships are British but I have long forgotten their classification. I think one of them is a first rate while the rest are 2nd rates... I have to double check though...   

First the second rate ships:


and no.2:

and all the ships together:

As you can see the first rate ship is the largest to the left and still needs a lot of work. The 2nd rate next to it only needs the rigging done and it will be complete.  Once I get these things done I should put some flags one them!

Now, if only I could get the guys from my club to join in :) Robert? Matt? Giovanni?


  1. These are really sweet Achilles!
    I'm guessing your a life long kit modeller as well as a figure painter as these must have been a challenge!
    1 of our club members is in the same boat as yourself (no pun intended). He loves (and has) little Napoleonic ships but can't persuade anyone to join him. Nice photos's too.

  2. Achilleas, I had no idea you were into Napoleonic naval warfare- I have a whole box with me here full of Langton models I never made up due to not having an opponent- ships of the line, frigates, gunboats and harbour defences.

    Needless to say I've always been a big Patrick O'Brian & C.S. Forester fan!

    I also have number of different rules sets, and a rather imposing terrain piece- an island with a fort and harbour. Could make for a fun game, maybe we should try these out some day.

  3. Robert! that is indeed great news! We still have a long way to go with 28mm but we should at least try a game sometime in the future!
    I only own the Trafalgar rule set but it looks quite good.

    Your collection is mainly British or French?

  4. Hi Achilles,
    Thanks to Brian we have found some Japanese players of historical games! and one of them has a collection of Napoleinc ships, so the naval game might become more popular than you might have thought!

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