Monday, 3 January 2011

Unexpected gift....

While trying to resist my urge to read anything related to the Russian campaign, my girlfriend bought me "Russia against Napoleon" by D. Lieven....
Now, I must resist foundry's 20% discount.....


  1. My wife bought me the new book on Rousellot's plates! If you need to resist the Foundry 20% off then remember that it ends TODAY!

  2. It's a great book, Achilleas. I like Lieven's writing style.

    Don't be surprised if by the time you finish it you find yourself wanting to paint a few regiments of Russkis!

  3. I gave in guys... 2 units of greatcoat infantry and 1 unit of greatcoat grenadiers in the mail. Plus 1 mounted infantry commanders....
    I am a lesser man... :P

  4. *GRIN*

    Welcome to the fight, Tovarich!

    There are many fireplaces in France for us to throw our empty vodka glasses into as we roll westwards!

  5. lol, it's great to know I am not along in fighting the temptation to buy "just a few more figures".